So you have an idea or a logo for your business or you'd like a brand brought to life.

We can do that.

We just have a few considerations.

I drew this........

Good artwork is still the main criteria, if you have some then that's great, if not we can make silk purses too.

Our advice is free and impartial, yes we'd like to sell you something but much better you're happy with the end result

PDF, EPS, CDR, DO RE MI, etc.....

What's the file type and dpi requirements then?

The better your original art the better the finished product, that's true of all methods, print, digital and embroidered. We work in Windows 10 so any Mac files will need to be made capable of reading on the Windows format.

For bitmap images, PDF, JPEG etc we think 600 dpi at the finished size will give you something as good as the original, 300dpi is ok but much less and the jagged nature of the pixels will show up as steps in curves, as most website images are between 72 and 96dpi and usually only a few cm wide there's not much chance one designed for or taken from that platform will give a good image on a t shirt.

Vector images, CDR, AI, EPS are all scale-able so dpi is not important although we ask for a PDF of the image to check as they don't always appear the same at our end as the senders'..... 

Separations, digitising, wysi(not always)wyg

Screen print requires separations, one for each colour in the design so a 3 colour print needs 3 separations, on some designs and materials we need an underbase to either stop dye migration or make the ink colour correct on dark fabric. 

These are made using our 24" wide format Canon which prints black ink onto an acetate, is capable of process and halftone dots.  

We don't charge for artwork that's "camera ready" i.e. it's the right size and dpi, in the first instance we'll ask you to e-mail your design and we will advise on suitability and options, we can originate and design for you, e-mail for information.

Digital printing is simpler in that there are no screens or separations, you get much as you see on the computer screen, however most computers don't show the actual colour on the monitor as it will appear on the print, as they are in RGB mode and all digital printing is in CMYK or a variation of it and there is a colour shift, add to that most computers aren't calibrated to show colour accurately you may not get what you expected. 

Any business or individual that already has a logo will probably have a pantoneĀ® or colour swatch so that's not a problem, we can adjust the colour in Photoshop but if it's a design that has no hard copy we will usually print one out and send to you so there's something to look at that's real and a note saying, "it will look much like this, are you sure you want to continue"

Our digital experts have DTG, sublimation, WOW transfer and printer cutter options so everything is covered.

Embroidery needs to be digitised, vector images are preferred but not essential but there may be a charge to digitise. 

If in doubt e-mail us for a quote.