Any colour you like,
as long as it's bright

We can supply garments and so-forth for decoration at competitive prices.
Or you are very welcome to supply your own and let us decorate them for you.

As there's so many items out there we can hardly keep up and I'm sure you'll have better things to fill your time with so e-mail us for information on specific things and what they'll be used for and we'll nail down the options to a manageable number.
If you would like to spend some time flicking through online brochures then we can e-mail you links.


Probably the most ubiquitous method on decoration or embellishment from mugs to printed circuits.

The video below is a pretty good representation of how a print gets onto a tee shirt, although it's a very basic set up, that light source is rather make do and mend, the principle is the same, light proof image, a light sensitive emulsion coated onto a polyester meshed screen, a uv light source and water to wash it our with..... 

So that's how you get a screen print.

Our main work is onto garments, bags and other textiles. 

We have printed skateboard decks and stickers before 

and by working closely with local specialists in embroidery and digital printing we can offer a full gamut of possibilities 

from just one-offs to thousands of prints including re-branding of inside neck labels, swing tag and bagging

artwork information

Come to us with your own, or we can design your logo, click the picture to see the artwork information page

Ink Systems

Process & Halftone

4 colour and halftone, a way of making lots of shades or colours with only one for halftone or four - CMYK - for process coloured inks.

4 colour process we use Virus Hydra ink, it gives a great image and with a white under-base can be printed on dark material.


We use plastisols for most jobs as they are reliable, quite clean to use with no waste ink going down the drain, suitable to make transfers from and are PantoneĀ® compatible.

They can be used as direct prints or as transfers, and work on many surfaces including, when used as a transfer, nylon jackets, hi-viz vests and also to excellent effect jute bags.

The transfers have a very smooth finish as they are printed on a carrier paper and are also much thinner than a direct print, we use this method to print in-neck labels as we can achieve a very fine finish and small text is perfectly legible. 

It also works extremely well on jute bags giving a vibrant print with fine lines and text as good as on a cotton bag, printing them directly is very difficult as the material can't be cured with heat so an air drying ink is required and the fabric is so rough any moderately fine parts of a design can become blurred or lost in the  warp/weft. 

You shouldn't iron a plastisol print as it will melt under the heat of the iron and make a mess, ironing on the reverse is usually fine


For nylon and polyester bags we use nylobag or nylotex which are air curing and very robust.

Discharge & other Water-based

Method where when heated the ink chemically removes and replaces dye in cotton, used frequently to provide an under-base as it adds minimal feel to the finished print.

Water-based inks are split into two types, transparent and opaque. 

Transparent work on white and unbleached material, ideal for tea towels as they can be ironed with impunity and have virtually no feel to the print, they are rather unsuited to coloured material as they sink into the fabric so unless it's black ink on for instance a red tee it'll not show up too well, yellow on that red Tee will be near invisible.

Opaque versions can be used which work in a similar way to the plastisol in that it sits on top of the fabric and is opaque but has more of an obvious feel to the print.


Workhorse carousel

Best carousel I've used, micro registration, 6 colour that weighs a ton, matched to an Adelco Workhorse foot operated swing-away spot curer to part cure ink between print colours

Steel pallets

We couldn't buy the pallets I though we wanted so we had some made, 5mm steel to accommodate trim-able magnetic tops to allow printing close to or even over seams and give a flat surface to print hoodies with kangaroo pockets.

Cap and flatbed heat presses

Adkins heat presses, cap/pocket and A3 swing-away flatbed for transfers of all types including inside neck re-branding which adds a bespoke look to retail garments


Embroidery artwork

We work closely with local embroiderers 

 We concentrate on screen printing alone and let other professionals we know do the needlework and digital decoration for us.

Digitally produced transfers and prints

Digital transter artwork


Printable vinyl material for producing transfers which with the correct vinyl can adhere onto any material. 

Very hard wearing and great for badges, polyester garments such as football strips, work-wear, jackets, etc

Sublimation artwork


Ink system that works by changing the colour of polyester/polyester coated materials. popular for mugs and other ceramics, almost anything can be sublimated if it has a polyester coating applied

DTG artwork

Direct to garment

Inkjet that prints directly onto the garment giving the appearance of a screen-print with minimal feel, good for short runs of multi-colour designs

WOW artwork


Laser toner print system that allows a full colour image transfer that  needs no weeding of  surplus carrier paper, fantastic for multi-colour images which appear part of the fabric, very soft feel